It is almost that time of year again, Market Season!  I start setting up this weekend.  I am now able to be on the other side of the table in a community I have loved my entire life.  I have always loved treasure hunting.  Whether it be at a markets, yard sale, antique store, craft fairs, flea markets…. I love it all.    Now I am the one  people come and talk to while ‘just looking’.

From the start of this project, I knew this is what I wanted to do full time. I had been looking this entire time for the right place to set up too.  I needed a ‘home’ to try and make a living out of this.  But one that would understand it is important to me to teach as many people in the community that I can. That is my main goal with this.  So if I am asked to go somewhere else on a weekend, there is a chance I will go. While looking for a place I set up at flea markets, craft fairs, yard sales… you name it. I had fun yes, but it wasn’t the perfect match. Sometimes I would pay a lot of money to sell a 5.00 item. I am not JUST a dreamer.  I am practical and that practically does not stand a chance. At the very end of the market season last year I found an amazing Farmer’s Market, two minutes from my house!  It is a small, but mighty one!  It started with TWO farmers. This season, there will be TEN vendors!  All of our selling fees goes directly to a Children’s Home which does a lot for youth in the community.  We also have festivals throughout the season to raise money for the home as well. I was able to set up for about a month there and LOVE it.  We are KY proud. Everything is grown, raised or made here.  We take WIC and SNAP benefits this year.  It has a community already.  The people who set up and visit are so kind.  In fact, SO kind the ONLY reason you are reading this is because a very generous man and his wife met me at the market and loved what I do.  They loved it so much they bought my favorite thing I have ever made (the purple rug here in my website gallery pics).  They also loved it so much he had his company build me this website for the only price I could afford, free.  I am ridiculously grateful.  If it wasn’t them wanting to remain anonymous, I would have plastered my gratitude EVERYWHERE!!!

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I have also been asked to be a guest doing a workshop at the Covington Farmer’s Market on May 19th. So please come and see me there too! As I say often, don’t just visit a farmers market… Visit ALL the Famer’s Markets in your area!  We want to see you, talk to you, get to know you… we aren’t going to rush you through the line to grab the next person.  It is a way to meet new people in the community.  As an adult, it is really hard to meet new friends so why not look for a way to meet some new people.  Someone who just might be a bit funky and covered in plastic.  Everyone usually loves what I do with the bags.  I am not there to just sell, the reality is not nearly as many people buy it as are fascinated by it.  But those that do, are as in love with the items as much as  I am so it works out well.  So of course it would be nice to sell out each time, but more than that I am there to teach people about recycling bags and plastic.  Many of the schools and events I attend have resulted from people that meet me at those events.  Don’t feel you have to visit when you can spend tons.  Just stop and say hi, I would love it.

If you want to see an AWESOME stone structure with history which a group of people in the community is trying to save, I will be at a Children’s Festival at Bold Face park, in Cincinnati on June 2nd.  It is a FREE festival.  There will be lots of things to do, things to see, buy and even a fireworks show at the end of the night.  Guess who is going to be offering some super cute mini mats for sale that day???

For me, this time of year doing this is a mental vacation. Don’t worry, I still items make to donate.  Absolutely.  My schedule actually allows me to get more done during the summer.  Why I feel it is a mental vacation is because I am making things for a GOOD reason other than just keeping the bags at bay.  Usually I am making items for reasons that upset me much more than I express.  I make for people with no homes, children with no families and pets with no one to love.  I focus on the good that I am doing, yes, but it is hard.  I focus on the fact I hope people do not need to use what I make for long.  It still saddens me a great deal.  This is a way for me to fall in love with each item and hope the person who gets it does the same and can use it for years to come.

Sometimes I have a super cool helper who thinks its super cool that mom is a ‘business owner’…

I started this project as one thing, teaching kids and others about recycling your bags and plastic.  It has turned into something much much bigger.  It has turned into a way for me to the leave the world better. By personally taking ownership of finding a way to help the big rock and those who are on it. To make a change, no matter how small it might seem.  What means the most to me….is to show my children to ALWAYS look far into the future and find what works for them.  Despite them thinking I am an odd bird, they are so proud of me and I know when they are older they will really realize what I am trying to do.