It was an absolute honor to be asked by the Cincinnati Museum Center to partake in the CET Be My Neighbor Day.  This is what I learned about the event from the website.

Come and meet first responders, dance with the Cincinnati Ballet, enjoy exciting creatures from the Cincinnati Zoo and Newport Aquarium, and much more – all while learning about ways to do something nice for your neighbor!

Be My Neighbor Day celebrates the 50th anniversary of the premiere broadcast of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, which aired on February 19, 1968.  Fred Rogers impacted generations of PBS viewers through this gentle, thought provoking children’s show, which explored various topics through stories and music both in his world and in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. The last new episode of the series aired on August 31, 2001, but the show is still on the air and the spirit of Mister Rogers lives on today in the animated PBS Kids show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

Most people might not know, but Mister Rodgers has a very special place in my heart.  He was probably my first crush.  I still swoon when I think about the gentle man with the sweet voice.  To be anything associated with him was an honor in itself.  That could be why I have such a sense of community because that is what he promoted.  I know I get just as attached to my comfort sweaters as he did.  Who knows…. maybe that is where this need for working together in a community that I have came from.

I had no idea what to expect and was very scared.  How could I work my program into something for toddlers?  However, if the Museum had faith in me, I did too.  Eventually I decided that I WAS important enough to be there.  I was the neighbor who recycles!

This was the calm before the toddler storm.



The kids got to walk on a long tour in the CET Studio Neighborhood and along the way they got to meet lots of fun neighbors.  They got to get their picture taken with ballerinas and first responders.  We were lucky to be next to the first responders and police!  It was adorable seeing the littles get their pic taken with the police hat. The police loved what I do so much they want to get involved too and want me to start working with them on some events!

It was incredible seeing all of the children and parents who came out to attend.  We were told there were over 600 tickets issued!


When the children first got to us first they got to check out the recycled items.  We had some treats for them to take with them to remember us.  There were flowers and keychains made out of recycled bags to chose from.  Then the kids got to work with the amazing ladies from the Children’s Museum. Look at them weaving and crocheting!  They were so excited and loved it so much they kept coming back for more!


Not only was it a fun event, it was SUPER fun just to see the inside of the studios.  I was fascinated with the lights and action of it all.  Thanks SO much to the Museum Center for giving me the chance!