Living a dream

As many might know, I started planning this out before I even learned how to crochet. That is the reason I had such a breakdown/ anxiety attack that first time learning. Crocheting seemed so foreign to me. I didn’t think I was ever going to get it and my dreams of doing this were immediately crushed. I continuously made plarn for those who I called “my ladies”. Then I got a call from one of them who told me she learned how to crochet left handed in order to teach me. I was discouraged in thinking I could never learned but I still showed up that week with my hook because I was so moved that she did that for me. After making so much plarn for them and learning the plastic, with the correct lefty technique I immediately took to it. And so it began….

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I so fancy…

This is really real folks. As I have said many times, that first time I saw the ladies making plarn, I knew I was going to change the world with it. I also knew I was going to document the process for all to see as I build this into a functioning non-profit offering employment for hard to employ.

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