I do a lot of stuff with a lot of schools in my broader area.  However, it is always fun to bring it back to my own community.  I was asked to presenting at a local youth advisory board meeting made of local high school students.  So that they could see what I am about. Holmes High School was one of the schools that decided they wanted to help.  They worked SO hard to collect bags and host me for an event to show them how to process them. Rarely does this happen, but they took the time to count how bags were collected.  They collected 22,000 bags!!  Despite knowing that before I got there.  I am not going to lie, it was a bit overwhelming to see at first.


Yes, there is a person hidden in that bag filled closet.

A bunch of us worked hard and got together sorting a lot of them out.  I always sort them before I cut them because every bag is different.  Not to mention I like to take functional things and turn them fabulous!  So I like to let my artistic side out.  It did not take long before we got a lot sorted and got ready to start cutting!


Before we got cutting,  I took the time to show them some of the things I will be making with all of their hard work.



And so it began….. scissors and bags were flying.



I will be sorting bags and picking them up there for a while to come.  Some of the students enjoyed helping so much they took a lot home.   It seems like a lot of bags and it is.  However, I have SO many on going projects right now that these bags are all going to put to good use. One of the people attending was a teacher at an elementary school in the district.  She thinks her students would love to help too.  They will be able to help process the bags! Thanks for all of your hard work Holmes and I can’t wait to work with you more!