For as long as I can remember I have liked old things.  I loved yard sales and antique shops long before they were cool.  I loved the thought people didn’t want that stuff anymore and I was getting more use out of it. Gee, imagine that.  In all of my antique/treasure hunting I remember a drastic difference in what I could find after that darn roadshow made everyone looking to be the next millionaire and snatch everything up.  I used to buy things by the bag full.   I specifically remember sitting on the floor and playing with my grandmother’s old costume jewelry for hours.  I loved everything about those shiny baubles.  I loved the way they smelled, looked and felt.  Now, I have the great fun of hosting events with broken and/or unworn jewelry finding new use again.  Tearing it all apart and making new items out of our destruction.  Bringing life back to unwanted pieces.

These two ladies worked hard all evening.  Working studiously taking their time picking just the right parts.  Their perfection paid off.  The outcome is fabulous!  Earrings, rings, broaches, necklaces and key chains… oh my…



That is one proud maker (helper) right there!!!


These are some of the great things made. I love the look of that key chain.  That blue is just beautiful, reminds me of the ocean.    I wish Patty and I would have taken a picture of what that third necklace looked like when she started!  It looked SO different.  It turned out so beautiful though.   We worked together on it and had to be patient, picking up the pieces many many times.  We knew our effort would be worth it.  I can’t wait to see the pic of her in it wearing her matching vest.  Who doesn’t love making accessories  with beloved clothing already in mind!

      Look at Miss E working so hard!  I think she did a beautiful job.  She has a gorgeous necklace, adorable ring and look at that hair clip!!!



Even I got in the mix.  Usually I am so busy running around making sure everything goes right and that is all I do.  Now, I am trying to really enjoy the events and get creative with you all.  I am now going to try to at least make one thing each time.  This time I was lucky enough to make two.  A hair clip made out of vintage earrings and a broach.

Thanks to Owen Country Library for inviting me out! Thanks to those who brought that old stuff for me to play with and tear apart.  Thanks for making art together!!