This is really real folks.  As I have said many times, that first time I saw the ladies making plarn, I knew I was going to change the world with it.  I also knew I was going to document the process for all to see as I build this into a functioning non-profit offering employment for hard to employ.  All the while going around in public (remember…anyone who asks me…) teaching the joys of working with bags.  In the past two years I have already met so many amazing people doing this.  In a very unstable time in our humanity I am meeting so many people with such positive outlooks, it gives me hope for humanity.  I see the innocence of children.  I see the compassion of those who reach out devoting a lot of their life to help those experiencing homelessness.  I see the passion of animal lovers trying to find forever homes for furbabies.  I see individual people wanting to band together to make incredible things happen.  Different tax brackets, shades, religions and lifestyles of people.  At that moment we are all one, coming together to make our society better.

Am I going to stop a war, sadly. no.  Am I going to make sure everyone on this planet has a stable home and full belly.  Again, sadly no.  I cannot do that.  But what I can do is show that no matter what is going on in the world, it feels good to come together and try to make it better.   Plain and simple.

Find your passion.  I had no idea mine would be bags, but talk to me for ten minutes and you will see it is much bigger than that.  My passion is helping the world and teaching each and every person that it’s possible. Not only possible, It can be bigger and better than you possibly imagined.   One of my favorite memories on this journey is when my daughter came up to me and said mom  “I’ve found my cause, I want to help ferrets”.  I cannot describe how it felt to hear her already know that we all can find something to be passionate about and help.

This is the beginning.  I am going to start really documenting as I grow this into what I know it can be.  Along the way you will see some trial and tribulations I am sure.  This isn’t always pretty.  However, it is pretty necessary.