I got an email early in the morning from a reporter at a radio station near Lexington.  She said she found an article on me. She wants to do a story.  She said when she first asked her boss if she could,  the boss said she needed to find someone local (I am about two hours away). I do admire and appreciate that!  Sadly, as it turns out…. she couldn’t find anyone that does this down there.  She then got permission to do the story on me!

I could have told her that there was no one down there that does it because I have been looking myself!  My kids go to school further down south.  Due to being there during the day, I have been put in contact with someone that helps the VA hospital in that area.  They also have a free store for homeless vets.  This lovely batch of mats was sent down to them. I cannot make these mats fast enough for them.  As soon as they get them delivered, I am told they will gladly take more.  I have been trying to find a group that is making the mats so I can forward them to the VA.  There isn’t, yet. So not only am I going to make the boss happy because I do work with Lexington area already, I WELCOME the exposure down there because I would love to get this project started there too!  I am certain after someone hears how moving and easy it is they will invite me and get it started!

Despite me wanting this project to take off to be big, it still amazes me when I hear that people “find me”.   I am ridiculously thankful.  I could not imagine working this hard and not having anyone care. However,  I would still be crocheting with bags and most likely still want to be talking about it regardless.  I am just so thankful I get shown that people are listening and enjoying what I have to say!

If you want to see the article I am talking about…. just google me…..  I am kind of a big deal and all…heehee