So a really funny thing happens when you start saving the world.  Sometimes you look for more ways.  Sometimes other ways find you and you make the most of it.

As I am making the beds for the dog shelter I saw on their website they had a need for laundry soap.  I went to all of my stockpiling friends to see if anyone could donate.  They did.  One also put me in touch with someone who makes her own soap.  Here is a little funny story.  So the person who introduced me to her lives 40 minutes away and I met her at a park where we both were crafting to kill time and got talking.  As I spoke to the soap making friend I knew I wanted to try it myself before I gave it to anyone.  As we were making arrangements for me to pick it up I asked if she lived in the same town as the park I met her friend at.  She said oh, actually I live  {insert MY city here}.  I said oh, that’s odd, so do I.  As I was saying it she said, well actually it’s  {insert MY NEIGHBORHOOD here}.  Turns out, we live two blocks and a 5 minute walk from each other on the SAME STREET.  Before we actually got to meet up we were just two weird maker families living in the city slightly stalking each other as we drove by.  Her looking for a way to help save the world, me finding mine and making it happen. My daughter was all embarrassed when I told the mom that we stalked them each time we drove by only to hear that they did to.  It was fate.

I LOVE the soap and get so excited using it for some reason.  Well guess what…so you know where this is going….. now I am obsessed with that too.  So….. let me introduce a new way to change the world.

Bag Lady Basics, our starting product is Laundry Soap made by Athena (how fancy and posh does THAT sound)


Save me your empties!!  This is STILL a bag lady production so of course I have to keep making recycling glamorous.  Not just your detergent jugs, but save ALL your empties that have a nice and tight lid that had an oil-free product.  Basically, if you would not freak out if this container got knocked over in your house, then feel free to send it my way.  If it does not work for our project, I will recycle them.  I am telling shelters that I don’t want them ever add laundry soap on a donation list again, now they can ask for other needed things.  I am also saying don’t be surprised if it shows up in a kitty litter tub. I especially like kitty litter jugs like the above pic. If they have a sleeve, I will crochet that too!

We are also taking any donations for supplies or gas cards to deliver everything where it needs to go.  People laugh when I say gas cards when they ask if I need anything supply wise. Everything else needed for what I do is my time. Of course time is valuable, but not all payment is money. I get paid in a lot of ways doing this.  But good deeds don’t buy gas.

I want to see this grow. So if you know anyone who makes a household item that they use for their home and would like to be involved, send them my way.  While I totally appreciate and understand the natural maker movement, this is not where I am going.  I need for each item to be very inexpensive and extremely cost effective. I know  how expensive those supplies can be. If you can use a recycled item for making it or the packaging, even better.  Of course I will want to get some and use it before I give it.

If you know any person or group with a need for it, just let me know and they might have a delivery on their porch from a laundry soap fairy from time to time.


Feel free to go to your local laundromat and check their trash for empties.  We found all these in two days of checking. If you live in an apartment, please dig through your laundry room and possibly ask if you can put up a flyer explaining the project.

Remember, when we all work together, we do GREAT things!