Introducing the students and staff from St. Philip.

As many might know, I started planning this project out before I even learned how to crochet.  That is the reason I had such a breakdown/ anxiety attack that first time learning, better yet… attempting to.  Crocheting felt so foreign to me.  I didn’t think I was ever going to get it and my dreams of doing this were immediately crushed.  I continuously made plarn for those who I called “my ladies”.  Then I got a call from one of them who told me she learned how to crochet left handed in order to teach me.  I was discouraged in thinking I could never learn but I still showed up that week with my hook because I was so moved that she did that for me.  After making so much plarn for them and learning the feel of the plastic, with the correct lefty technique I immediately took to it.  And so it began….

Now, I knew I WAS GOING to have a program to teach others, especially children about recycling.

Thanks to a wonderful referral from their Service Project Coordinator, Sydnee, I was introduced to this small but MIGHTY school.  Before I even got there the 4th/5th grade learned all about the oceans.  They specifically learned about what our pollution is doing to them.  They learned about the currents and islands of plastic floating in them.  After they learned about the problem, they started learning about being part of the solution!


They gathered bags at their school and church.  They processed A LOT of bags that I have collected along the way and needed help with.  They processed almost 300 balls of plarn!  Thanks to all of their hard work I was able to get a lot of items made during an almost month long winter break my kids had from school.

I came back to show them some of what I created with what they made.  Part of the plarn they made was used for two giant bean bag type chairs that are going to be on display and in use at the Kidspace in the Cincinnati Children’s Museum at the Museum center.  During a big assembly I delivered two combo packs to be donated to the organization of their choosing to distribute it to those experiencing homelessness.  Each set has a bedroll, pillow and backpack.  It is the same pattern as the chairs so when they go to the museum for years to come they will remember how their hard work became someone’s bed.

Needless to say, they enjoyed checking all of the stuff out.  They are keeping it nice and soft for the people who are going to receive it.  So we put the mats, backpacks and pillows on a table so they can get an up close look.


Oh don’t worry. They still got to feel how comfortable the mats are. I have a pretty travelling set that I will carry in my van to show students what I will be making from the plarn.  The set changes from time to time because they have been given away when needed if I see someone that can use it.


It is not often I get to fit an entire grade on a mat!




These students been incredibly helpful.  Both by processing bags that I have been collecting and processing the ones they have collected.  Not only do I have a full stock of plarn, they have been so excited and really enjoyed it! So much,  many of them asked Santa for a crochet hook.  Due to that I will be going back again to teach them.  Earlier they added to a mat we are donating, this time they are going to learn how to make start a dog bed.

It makes me proud to share the knowledge that women have had for many many years.  Once we learned that this plastic is going to be here forever, we might as well be putting it to good use!  It’s continued schools like this that lets me know that my dream really is coming true.  I am so glad that I now have a way to share it with you all.