When I started this project at that first school, I know I wanted it to be known.  However, even though it makes me giggle…. I love when I see that people are starting to really talk about what I am doing.  I thought it would be fun to post the articles. I am going to try and post them in the order they were created.


This was from when a lovely friend recommended me to be a good neighbor.  I had forgotten it until a librarian recognized me and reminded me about the article.



After attending an event someone saw me and took pics.  It wasn’t until months later when my kids googled Shari the bag lady and we saw this…



I was introduced to Children’s Inc by a teacher who hosted me many times.  They opened SO MANY doors to me.  It was an amazing connection.  They are so proud of my project and really gave me the confidence and connections to take it further quickly.  Here are some articles they have done one me.




Then I was contacted by a woman who said she found me on google.  She worked at a radio station and wanted to do an article on me. First, we met at the library and she learned about what I do.  She took some great pics which you will see in the article.  I thought it was so unusual that I asked if I could take some too.



She also came out to one of the events I had and asked some students their input.  It was so nice to hear what the students thought too!

The story turned out so great!



I am so glad when I see my hard work is appreciated.  It makes everything worth it. Of course, I would still do it without ANY articles.  But, when people appreciate a job well done, well of course it feels good.  I am not JUST a bag lady, I am a HUMAN!