Of course as you have seen many times, I learned how to do this in order to make beds for people experiencing homelessness.  While I understand that is a need, it is something that has bothered me. The fact that I am even doing it.  Yes, these are incredible useful items, but making such a thing which will become “help” to someone is really upsetting to me.  Instead, I want to eventually give them jobs.  In order to do that, I started making other useful things given around the community too which will be eventually made by my staff.  I like to say I am handing someone a bandage as I am learning how to be a doctor.

One of the things I started to make is dog mats for doggies in a shelter.  I started calling shelters to see if anyone could use them.  I also had a program called Crafting for a Cause at a library to get some volunteers and more of us to crochet.  Two ladies came to my program and immediately got ‘hooked’.  They already crocheted, one even had with plastic.  I just gave some pointers on what I have learned about the bags, more bags than they ever saw in their life and the passion to want to help the pups!  Many crafters already use their skill to help others. That is nothing new.  Scarves and hats for the needy, hats, booties and blankets for babies.  I have seen a lot.  I am just offering another way.

Look at how proud and excited they are to be playing with bags!


While learning about shelters who might need the supplies, I heard great things about the staff at Pendleton from a friend who had recently adopted from there.  Not only did they welcome the donation they LOVED the idea of my project.  Turns out, this shelter is on property lent to them by Rumpke.  I know I talk a lot about landfills or what I call them garbage mountains.  Please do not think in any way I am talking bad about them, the people that work them or the companies that run them.  It is quite the opposite.  I am well aware that our trash needs to go somewhere.  That is why it is so important to limit it when possible.  I would MUCH rather there be a landfill where nature as a chance at living on our trash again rather than be suffocating by it in their ocean.  As you can see below in the pictures of the road going to the shelter, nature has a way of taking over again when given the chance.


Don’t think I despise your local trash man.  It is kind of the opposite.  I am a bit in awe and stare at the big trucks on trash/ recycling day as much as a toddler.  Talk to him/her just ONE time and ask what good things are thrown away on a daily basis.  A lot of them if possible will save things still useful.  They also recycle at home because they know how useful and needed it is.  More than anything I am VERY proud that Rumpke lent their land to the shelter!

I cannot say enough good things about this shelter.  I have said it before and I will say it again…. a lot of the ideas we have in our head of a county shelter with the scary dog catcher wanting to gas dogs isn’t always the case.  In fact, I have seen many counties that are staffed with animal loving people who become that role to HELP animals.  They will do whatever they can, sometimes calling many rescues to try and save each animal that they can. They are doing it while facing negativity, budget cuts and routinely seeing what evil harm people can do do animals.  Not only did the staff take the time to show me around their SPOTLESS shelter and meet all the pups, they really had patience with me.

I thought this would be the PERFECT time to get a photo op showing where our hard work is going.


3 dogs and about 20 minutes later we got the great shot I was looking for.

One of the dogs didn’t even get one pic, he was too busy wanting to play to be a model.

The staff didn’t huff and puff about the time that I was taking from their day.  They knew my heart was in the right place.   They really appreciated and embraced my project and our hard work.

They liked my project so much I had to run to the van bring out the flowers for the little one, who came with grandma to visit her momma for lunch who worked there, to remember me by.  One of the men who works there has a daughter who is really big with recycling.  I left them one of my favorite wreaths my mom made out of water bottle packaging because they embraced it so much.


I have received pics later of the pups using them!  I cannot describe how much it moved us to see these.  They liked the beds so much that they took them to an adoption event.  You can tell from that face rubbing all over it that he loves it and reminds him of ‘home’.

I hope all the lovely pups I met that day are in their forever home.  Until then, I know they have some great people looking after them.  I have more animal shelters on my list.  I hope to get to them soon but now that our two legged friends are leaving the shelters and moving outside again, they might just have to wait a bit.  The more helpers I get, the more people and pets I can help. So feel free to always help me do more!