I have NEVER been this excited to go grocery shopping in my life, SERIOUSLY!

So we all know I hate plastic bags and what they have done to our environment. That is what made me start this project.  When people asked me what I was going to do when they banned them my response is always, be happy for the turtles!  Just like I always knew a mat made out of bags was the SHORT term solution to helping the homeless community in any way. I knew I wanted to do much much more which is why I quickly moved on to other donated items.

Imagine my delight when Kroger’s took the AMAZING step of being the first of my local national big stores to make the announcement of NO PLASTIC BAGS!  I was so happy.  However, SO many people were FREAKING OUT! So I did a post letting people know the amazing bag of mine that I made years ago and just letting them know we would be okay.  That is was a GOOD change.  Just so happened an editor at my local paper saw the post and wanted to do a story on me. So THIS happened…

 SO many people saw this article. Including someone else who would change my life.

Introducing Linda from Sunsugar Farms.  She hates these bags as much as I do! So much she created the most amazing crate system.  She originally emailed me asking if I wanted to take over HER bag project.  She has so many people mail her those resuable bags that are supposed to be better for the environment.  Did you know that those are made with plastic ALSO????  No place recycles them either so they are actually WORSE for the planet than the ones I have been working with for years. I am going learn working with those bags too and have other another way for schools and groups to help with a service project. As soon as I saw these crates, I knew I found my permanent solution to the bag monster.

Speaking of bag monster….guess what I did….well, OF COURSE I took Linda to a school with me!

 I love how this poor kid looks like he is in the middle of a car wash.  The kids didn’t know what to think at first, but they certainly figured it out really soon!

Last year this school work SO HARD with me saving so many bags from the landfills and oceans.  They made so much PLARN that was used for so many great things.  Some even learned how to crochet in order to make some things that I donate on their own.  I knew that Linda was going to visit that school.  She is so busy and our schedules are so busy together so she can’t come to most schools.  However, I AM allowed to borrow this amazing costume so some of the staff at the school can get in on the fun too so don’t you worry!

 Here is the teacher who invited me trying it out!

I got to show everyone how we met.  These kids have been with me for awhile so they were also proud to see me in the paper!


Linda and I were there to show the kids other ways to use LESS plastic!


She also go the kids to sample her AMAZING tomatoes.  I have NEVER seen kids this excited about tomatoes in my life. They learned about composting because they put their napkin and any leftover tomatoes in her handy locking compost bucket. She explained how that is going to become the soil for next year’s tomato plants.





Raise your hands if you like them!


Then the fun REALLY began!  The kids got to test out all of the stuff and I saw them fall absolutely in love with these crates.


Not just THESE kids but ALL kids I have let see them think they are the coolest things they have ever seen!



Just like with this bag project, I told her I was going to tell EVERYONE I know about these amazing crates.  She then gave me the chance to become an independent sales rep for her as I do it!  Um…what??? So you mean to tell me I will get paid for something that I would be doing anyway…..using these crates and telling everyone all about them???  Yep.



Not only am I in love with them, but my son is going to help display them at the market!

In my household I am committed to using them and my bags completely and not using single use plastic bags AT ALL.


Even my daughter is impressed with how EASY they are.  They really do make a huge difference.

  This customer came to my market with her Cresbi crate that is FOUR years old!  She got it as a company gift and uses it faithfully.  She said her favorite thing is that the crates STAY UPRIGHT in your car.  That is not the same AT ALL with normal bags.

So here is where I need YOU!  I am not a sales person.  I am a talker.  After having this project and being so scared I can’t keep doing it full time trying to figure out how I could possibly make it work I got given the amazing opportunity to fund my project this way too.  If a school cannot pay me, I still go.  I don’t even ask.  It has reached a point I am slightly asking for gas card donations but NEVER would that stop me from attending a school and even then I hate it and would love to just not have to ask at all.  I just know somehow it will all work out and that this is what I am meant to do.

If you are a school. This can be a fundraiser. The kids I meet fall in love with these crates, let your school make 30% of sales with 20% of sales going to me in order to fund this.  I will also offer free delivery within the local area.  This is the total solution to the bag problem that your kids are learning about.

Any lady that would take the time out of her insanely busy schedule just to show up at that school on a whim for me is someone I would support whole heartedly.  You aren’t just making a purchase.  You are helping a project AND helping two bag hating ladies prove their dream really will come true in that people won’t need to use them anymore.

I have many sizes and colors in stock at all times. PLEASE email me if interested.  These make fantastic gifts.  Go to https://cresbicrate.com/ to find out more.  If you use the coupon code “thebaglady” you will receive free delivery for local orders or 5% off for all other orders. All local orders please contact me through here to see what I have on hand first.